Neighborhood beach

Neighborhood beach

A pretty little beach area in an Ajax neighborhood


Elx Expedition Travel System by Baby Trend Review


Product dimensions: 32.5 x 21.7 x 17.7

Product weight: 48.9 lbs

Colours: comes in purple, green, or pink

Price: $349.99

The Elx Expedition Travel System by Baby Trend is the stroller that I currently use and somewhat regret purchasing. I bought this travel system because my daughter was born during the winter; so having large tire wheels would make it so easy to trek in the snow compared to other strollers with small wheels that can get stuck in the snow or gather snow clumps in the wheels, thus making it difficult to push. I also got this stroller set for half the original price at Toys R us, which was another good excuse to buy it. What makes me regret this purchase was the fact that it was not ideal for the kind of baby and daily activities that I ended up having.

My daughter was born almost 9 lbs and grew out of the car seat faster than expected. Not only that, but the car seat was sought to have the ability to adjust to different sizes but failed to do so, because the shoulder straps couldn’t extend long enough to fit an infant in a snow suit. If you are having a larger baby like mine, expect for your son or daughter to outgrow the car seat by 3 months if they are born during the winter ( no snow suit gives you an extra month). Even though the back of the seat can adjust to higher or lower settings, my daughter still didn’t have enough room while wearing a snow suit when all settings on the seat were set to the largest. Moreover, the weight of the car seat alone was somewhat heavy in my opinion…plus the weight of the baby inside the car seat made it a hassle for me to carry. On the plus side, I do like the triangular shape of the handle on the car seat! It did help with the extra weight and allowed me to switch carrying angles and prevented my wrists from getting too tired. With all this said, I might be sounding a bit lazy… but when you have to go out all the time, in and out of cars, and going up steep stair cases from your house with this car seat… you can get a bit annoyed. Personally, I wish it was more lighter AND had the ability to have longer adjustable straps.

As far as going in and out of cars, it came with Baby Trend EX flex-lock base which retailed about $50 in value at Toys R us; so that was a bonus. Using the lock base for the car made transferring from car to stroller quite easy because it clicks into the stroller or car base nicely. To remove, you simply pull a lever under the front part of the car seat and it easily lifts off the base or stroller. When locked on to the car base or stroller, it does not move or unlock on its own; so it’s perfectly safe in that way. On the negative side, though, the car base (with the car seat locked on) can lift upward and away from the seat of the car even though it is hooked and locked on to the seat of the car. This worried me a bit and made me question the safety of the car seat base in my vehicle. My husband and I may have not properly installed the base? I don’t know, but we sure did re-checked the manual and couldn’t find what went wrong. Maybe that is normal for the car base to do that? But I personally didn’t like that; so we stopped using the base and strapped the car seat in the old fashioned way, which didn’t make the car seat move at all. Remember, whatever baby gear you try, if you are not comfortable using it for your baby, just don’t use it and try something else. Otherwise, you might feel bad because you still use it even though you worry about the product.

The stroller itself is a bit awkward to transport. Trust me, it’s large even when folded! So if you have a small car, don’t bother with this one because it won’t fit easily in a small trunk that’s for sure. Plus side, the stroller has smooth maneuvering which I really like. Turning sharp corners and running with this car seat is amazing. Traveling on the TTC (public transportation) is so easy. It also goes over bumps pretty well without waking up the baby. Also, getting in and out of buses is so simple.

As far as storage goes, I like the huge basket at the bottom. I can fit A LOT of groceries in that thing! I’ve stuffed coats, baby bags, purses, you name it, it fits (just not your kitchen sink of course). I like the fact that it has a tray for the baby with a food/ baby bottle slot. I like the water bottle/baby bottle tray where the handles are, along with the secret compartment area to store metro passes, change, or to put your mp3. I like the speakers which are compatible with all my electronics.

Would I recommend this stroller to anyone?…depends. Depends on what your life style or daily activities will consist of. Are you a city person? Busy mom or dad with no car? Do you live in an apartment building with an elevator or house with no steep steps in front of your home? Are you a jogger? Will you be traveling in the snow a lot? Do plan on not using big snow suits and just layer your baby with blankets and a wind cover? Are you having an average size or small baby? If you answer “yes” to more than two of these questions, then I recommend this travel system! Otherwise, if you are lazy like me, and don’t like hauling your baby equipment around everyday and have a small car, then look elsewhere for a travel system that will suit you better. I’m a first-time mom, so mistakes are bound to happen. Trial and error. And hey, Maybe a universal car seat carrier like the one bellow will help you out more (Prices for these are average at about $50 or more):


Pro’s and Con’s for the Baby Trend Elx Expedition Travel System


  1. Easy maneuvering
  2. Large and very durable tires that can easily be replaced and filled with air
  3. Reflective material for night time strolls
  4. Speakers
  5. Easy click-in car seat to stroller or to car base
  6. Great shocks
  7. Very safe harness belt and straps
  8. Easy carrying style from using triangular handle
  9. Stroller handle can move up or down by pushing red buttons on the side to lock or unlock to whatever adjustment
  10. Large bottom basket
  11. Adjustable car seat head rest for taller babies and adjustable back rest for the stroller.


  1. Awkward to fold and store away
  2. Doesn’t fit in small car trunks
  3. A bit heavy
  4. Limited strap length to adjust
  5. Awkward seat belt to use (but when fully strapped-in, the baby isn’t going anywhere that’s for sure)
  6. Car seat base MIGHT be questionable for some parents? (based on my experience)
  7. Moving the car seat handle up or downwards can be tricky for some (tricky for my sister to use and was tricky for me, but I got use to it)


Made my first pocket cloth diaper!

This was so easy to make and I managed to get the pattern on YouTube. I used 100% cotton flannel that I bought from Wal-Mart for $4, which made 2 diapers.  I also made absorbent inserts as well by using the excess flannel and fleece which was also very easy to make. All together this diaper held 5 oz of water. Moreover, I chose black because I didn’t want stains to show easily and add more work to my diapers. Although, the sun is the best stain remover! So keep that in mind if you are interested in buying cloth diapers. I have read on other blogs that it is not the diaper itself that will hold the most wetness, it’s all about your insert. If you have a good insert, you are good to go. I will try this theory out in more depth and give you my two cents very soon.

Complete diaper 20140312_004512

Watch the video and try it for yourself

finally, I am still waiting for my Glow Bug Cloth Diapers and another diaper and two cloth inserts from to arrive in the mail. When they arrive, I will post pictures and my experience with using them…and my review on them of course. 

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