Made my first pocket cloth diaper!

This was so easy to make and I managed to get the pattern on YouTube. I used 100% cotton flannel that I bought from Wal-Mart for $4, which made 2 diapers.  I also made absorbent inserts as well by using the excess flannel and fleece which was also very easy to make. All together this diaper held 5 oz of water. Moreover, I chose black because I didn’t want stains to show easily and add more work to my diapers. Although, the sun is the best stain remover! So keep that in mind if you are interested in buying cloth diapers. I have read on other blogs that it is not the diaper itself that will hold the most wetness, it’s all about your insert. If you have a good insert, you are good to go. I will try this theory out in more depth and give you my two cents very soon.

Complete diaper 20140312_004512

Watch the video and try it for yourself

finally, I am still waiting for my Glow Bug Cloth Diapers and another diaper and two cloth inserts from to arrive in the mail. When they arrive, I will post pictures and my experience with using them…and my review on them of course. 

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